Welcome to May….

We’ve made it to May, the most fabulous month of the year.  And I’m not saying that just because my birthday is on Cinco de Mayo.  I honestly do love May.  Where I’m from, May is the month the weather turns and we go from frost warnings to sun tans.  It’s the month we start opening windows and letting in the fresh air and it’s when I start to write outside, which I love.

mayday1May is also begun with May Day, an ancient pagan celebration day heralding fertility, growth and the renewal of life now that winter has left us.  It is still marked with huge public bonfires and street festivals.  In most European countries, dancing and “maying” is still a tradition and a May Queen is crowned to represent the pureness and optimism of the season.  I have always attributed May Day as the slate cleansing day and rituals often included burning lists of negative issues in your life or some token representing the bad things from the past year.  It’s a freeing feeling to toss in these items and feel the weight lift as they turn to ash and disappear from your life.

It’s also a time where we start our gardens and this year I am determined to get mine to be more than a patch of half eaten carrots.  I have already installed window seal pots and rail boxes and we’ve started seedlings of kale, tomato and herbs.  I want to spread handfuls of colorful wildflower seeds all over the front of my house so that riot of color will remind me how beautiful life is if we just take a moment to look outside our windows and put our busy lives aside for ten minutes.

So whatever your spring ritual may be this year, include a cleansing one.  If you can’t have a bonfire outside, write a small list and burn it in a fireplace or in a pot with a simple match.  And then plant something, anything, to give back to the earth and perpetuate life and positivity around you.  Together, it will renew your spirit and your creativity and you will be the better for it.

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