Back to school means back to work…

I will be the first to admit that I am one of those weirdoes who LOVES back to school time.  There’s something awesome about wandering the aisle of an office supply store and filling your basket with any number of new and colorful items, knowing that you will soon be filling them with thoughts and ideas.

Aside from the joy and excitement of accumulating these items, I have to say I wasn’t generally happy to go back to school.  I tended to see all of my friends during the summer, so it weren’t as if I needed school to catch up.  College was a different story altogether.  That excitement was due to the fact that I was finally bailing from the nest and living my own life on my own terms.

Back to school time, to me, always meant a clean slate.  You may not have done well in your previous term and now you had the chance to start over, use the information you gathered before, utilize tips and tricks you’ve picked up along the way and pray that it shows as an improvement in your work.

Now that I’m past those school years (I just got my 30 year reunion invitation in the mail – GAK!)  I still find that I can follow the same routine in my writing.  I buy new pens and paper and take in the crisp, autumn air in hopes that giving myself this fresh start will clear out the cobwebs and inspire new ideas.  Using new items such as pens and paper, even a new laptop if you have the money, can trigger a sense of renewal and allow your mind to get past the obstruction of previous mistakes and allow you to move forward in your work.  And we all know the boost is sorely needed in most of our lives, so why not take the step?  Get yourself on track for your new “term” and see if you graduate with flying colors!