It’s the most magical time of the year…

I love autumn and all its colorful glory and have been blessed with living in a part of the country where Mother Nature really shows off her new fall fashions.  I also love being able to pull on my old, comfortable hoodies and my fleece pants and curl up with a good book and a hot mug of chai.  But with this influx of cool, crisp air and weather that will force us indoors, some find it difficult to stay focused on their craft.  As the world starts to hibernate, it’s hard not allowing your mind to do the same.
Many of my fair weather friends suffer from SAD and as soon as this season starts, they become depressed and aggravated with their work.  That’s unfortunate for me because I am a cold weather lover (must be the Ukrainian blood) and I seem to thrive even more as the temperature drops.  I find myself alone more often and I use this time to work with my drafts, write new chapters and come up with new ideas for future novels.

October has also been a magical month for me.  With much of my family coming from the old world in both Eastern and Western European influences, I have always come to love October for the harvest festivals, for the smell of spices and cooking meats and for the feel of preparation for the coming festivities.  We keep simmering pots of potpourri on the fire that remind me of the smells in my grandmother’s kitchen.  The sound of crisp leaves underfoot remind me of walking home from school as a child and jumping into piles of leaves.  And then there is that definitive moment toward the end of the month when that special scent starts prickling the air, and I know that the snow will soon come.

As the green around us dies off, we should use this time to utilize our senses to remember and recall special moments of our lives. To write them down and use them as triggers in our own writing, to make our characters more believable and give our readers a feeling that they had, at one time in their own lives, walked through a pile of vividly colored leaves with us.