Trust Fate….

I’d have to say I got a pretty good head start on my New Year’s resolutions this year, not that I had any.  I mean, most people do the weight loss goal and for me that has been at the top of my list for years.  My weight had ballooned in the last fifteen years, but it wasn’t caused by poor diet – not that I led a perfectly healthy, fat and cholesterol free diet life.  But I digress…

I am proud to say that after following the guidance of a sister writer who had gone through similar health issues that I had, I managed to find a doctor who listened to what I said and looked at what my body was doing and over the past three months managed to lose 75 pounds.  Wow, yes, that is a huge amount of weight, but I have twice that much to lose to get my goal and I am determined to do it.  But this post isn’t about weight loss, it’s about goals and determination and the fact that fate is fate, at least in my book.

Bad things happen to good people all the time.   People die, lose good jobs, become lost in their lives and they scream “Why?”  I won’t say that I’ve had a terrible life because I have known far too many people whose lives were much worse than mine for various reasons, but after so many years of getting the shit end of the stick, as my grandfather used to say, I have learned that there is no why. Things, good and bad, happen for a reason.  Don’t believe me? OK, think of something awful, like the death of a child.  That has to be one of the most horrendous things to happen to a person’s life.  But consider what comes after… the parent(s) connect to so many people that they hadn’t before.  Even if they keep their mourning to themselves, people crawl out of the woodwork to make their condolences known and that new connection is made.  Think of how many foundations and trusts have been started over the years because a child has died from one disease or another.

On a less severe note how about a lost love?  Yes, I’ve had a few and at times I think of them and say to myself “What a bastard he was”, but then as my mind wanders I also consider how many new friends, new places I’ve seen after them and wouldn’t have if I had stayed with them.  It happens for a reason.  I believe that.  Even the worst person in your life forced you to change in some way, admit it.  I’ve had nasty bosses that have stressed me beyond repair but I am stronger and have a stiffer spine because of it.  I’ve been beyond broke with no place to live and I survived.  I have had love and will find it again.  Everything cycles for a reason.  When you are ready for your next lesson, the universe will place it in front of you.  If you think you have already been given too many, perhaps you haven’t learned enough to move on.  Fate my friends.

And in this new year, face your fate with courage and strength and in the end, you will find yourself a better more peaceful person on the other side.