Welcome Spring….finally

Ah May, my favorite month of the year.  OK, not really.  October is my favorite month, but since I was born on Cinco de Mayo, I have to say I’m partial.  April showers usually bring May flowers, but this year it seems the earth is off axis a bit and winter just ended for us about two weeks ago so although there has been more than enough rain, the buds haven’t had a chance to thaw to be able to bloom quite yet.

Instead, and as a celebration of myself, I’ve started buying bunches of wildflowers to place throughout my house until nature can offer something better.  The lively, colorful blooms brighten every room and the scent makes me smile as it wafts in the breeze.  It helps keep the positive energy flowing and that’s something everyone needs.

And the positive vibe flow has definitely gotten my juices moving in a steady forward motion.  After months of life stress that had nearly extinguished my creative urges, I’m back at the keyboard, ass in chair and have been finishing up the last few chapters of “Love in the Stars”, book two of the Lambourne Legacy series.  It was so nice to get back on board with all these characters, who I love so well, and give them life once more.  Glad they hung out and waited for me.

Hoping to put the final touches on the book by the end of this month so it can go through edits and be in print by the end of June.  Will keep everyone posted on it’s progress and you’ll be the first to know when it’s out.