And the winds whip through the colorful leaves….

mabonToday is Mabon, or more modernly called the Fall Equinox.  It’s natures trigger day when leaves start changing color, the temperature starts to drop and we can finally pull out the bin of hoodies  and sweaters.

As mentioned before, I am one of those people who loves the fall.  Autumn is my favorite season and the colorful foliage and the temperate weather just makes everything so much more bearable, at least to me.

It’s also a time when farmers begin to bring in their harvest and the smell of corn and leaves start to permeate the air around us.  The breeze gets crisp and the nights get longer and the spirits come out to play.

In this period of change and hibernation of sorts, I find myself working on new ideas, gathering research and sitting in warm libraries soaking up the history.  If we let the spirits charm and delight us, what magic they bring into our lives!  Let them whisper to you while you sip your cocoa and bask in what they reveal.  Let your muses guide you and fill your senses with unimaginable joy and let it be transcribed to paper for the rest of the season, until you welcome the sun’s return in the Spring.