Meet the Lambourne’s



I’m often asked about my characters, where I get their personalities, what they look like, how I develop them.  Every writer has his own routines and I’m sure mine is no different from the rest.  I tend to have a feeling first, what I want the person to be like.  I like to scan generic modelling sites for pictures with specific coloring and facial features. (The pictures I have below I actually picked out maybe 7 years ago so I apologize, I don’t know the model’s names.)

In this series, I knew the Lambourne’s were going to be made up of four brothers and a sister.  The sister was going to be the youngest and you don’t get to meet the eldest brother because we start book one with the announcement of his death.  (Though I may write a freebie back story about him, who knows.)



Dane Redford Lambourne is the next eldest brother.  I saw him as kind of a playboy man about town who is suddenly thrust into the head seat of the family.  He had to sober quickly, both literally and figuratively.  He is 28 when we meet him and yet, he still has so much to learn, so much more maturing to do.






Archer Humphrey Lambourne is brother number three, in the middle and shows signs of typical middle behavior.    He’s quick to think and even more quick to react, and usually not with the outcome he had intended.  Like the other Lambourne men, he’s kind and loyal, but Archer has a bit of an introvert in him and is more the scholar in the family.





Carson Reginald Lambourne is the last brother and as such is the dreamer and the gypsy.  His head is in the clouds and he’s a bit of a lost soul, feeling he has no ties to anything important.  Of the brothers, he’s the most artistic and affectionate and tends to wear his heart on his sleeve.






As the only sister, Lilianne Marguerite Lambourne is as feisty as her name makes her out to be.  She is, undoubtedly, the strongest of the lot and is not afraid to show her strength, which sets her apart from most women of the time.  As such, it will take a patient and equally strong heart to capture her attention.