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Book Two of the Lambourne Legacy series:

    LITS14The 3rd son of the Marquis, Archer Lambourne returns to Cambridge after traveling extensively abroad hoping to reconnect with Prof. Grainger, the astronomy teacher who opened his eyes to both the stars and the future’s possibilities. What he never expected was a visit from his past.

Cassiopeia Grainger remembers well the handsome young man who was her father’s favorite student and her humiliating encounter with him. Now on her own, Cassi wants nothing more than to protect her father’s legacy and launch her own academic findings.

When Archer and Cassi meet again neither is prepared for the attraction or the complications that ensue when hearts and minds collide. And as everyone from Archer’s family to the most influential members of the ton begin to take notice, will it hinder them, or will they find Love in the Stars?

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